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RosinTechnologies | Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions that aren't answered below? Please feel free to call or email our knowledgeable customer service associates during business hours for questions regarding any of our products and they will be happy to assist you.

What is the size of heat platens on each model press?
Cam: 1.75” x 2.75”
Thin & Skinny: 1.75” x 2.75”
Baby Brick: 2.25” x 3.30”
Brick: 2.8” x 4.0”

What is the maximum pressure of each model press?
Cam: 3,000 lbs force, with a leverage ratio of 1/100
Thin & Skinny: 3,000 lbs force, with a power factor of 19.65
Baby Brick: 4,650, with a power factor of 31
Brick: 9,300lbs of force, with a power factor of 62

What is the purpose of the Rosin Filters?
The purpose of the rosin filter is to keep contaminate our during the rosin process. There are various micron sizes specific for the type of material you’re processing. For flower, you want to use 90 micron or larger. For concentrate, you’d want to use 25 micron rosin filters.

What is the purpose the the prepress mould?
The prepress mould compacts material before extraction, providing consistency amongst operators + squishes. The prepped material also has a lesser chance of ‘blowouts’. Not designed to be used with heat. Each mould has a matching filter which allows for maximum yield Thin & Skinny Capacity: 3.5-5g flower
Baby Brick Capacity: 5-10g flower
Brick Capacity: 10-14g flower

What is the benefit of the Cooling Disc?
The cooling disc set provides the operator with a convenient tool to quickly cool their rosin after extraction. It is beneficial to remove any residual heat as fast as possible to help limit -terpene?- degradation of your final product. Quickly cooling your rosin also helps provide a more consistent product.

What size air compressor is required to power your pneumatic rosin presses?
Maximum operating PSI for all our pneumatic rosin presses is 150 PSI. Compressors with less than 150 PSI output will work, but limit maximum pressure of press. Tank capacity for the compressor is relevant to ‘refill rate’.

Can your pneumatic presses be operated without an air compressor?
Yes, our pneumatic press line can also be operated with the use of a CO2 tank.

What is the warranty on your press?
Thin & Skinny has 1 year on all components with a lifetime warranty on the base and column units. All Cirum Series presses have a lifetime warranty on all components.

What can I expect as a yield?
Yields can vary based on the quality of material used. Flower yields can range from 15%-30%+ for quality flower. Concentrate yields can range from 30%-80%

What is the two-stage pressure button?
The two-stage pressure button provides the most control over your extraction process. This button allows your press to reach one stage of pressure, and then you can slowly increase to maximum pressure as you press the two-stage button. The amount of pressure output during the second stage is visible next to the button.

Do you ship outside of the US?

What is the purpose of the Pre Press?
The reasoning behind the prepress is to help provide a streamlined platform. Having a press dedicated to the prepping process allows for continuous

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